Hoekwil Primary’s Art Exhibition 2017

Hoekwil Primary School art nominated for George exhibition

George Museum, 13-18 November 2017

Hoekwil Primary School may be small, but it is renowned for its strong arts and culture focus, and consistently ranks in the top schools at the annual George Eisteddfod.

So much so, that this year one of the eisteddfod judges nominated the school to exhibit its 2017 eisteddfod visual arts entries in a special exhibition.

Hoekwil children shine

The eisteddfod is a celebration of drama, visual arts, music and dance, with the school participating in the visual arts, dramatised and undramatised poetry as well as music categories.

Without fail, the Hoekwil children scoop an impressive collection of A++, A+ and A results in these categories each year, sometimes earning the greatest number of high-ranking scores of all participating schools.

This year, Hoekwil Primary School put on another exceptional showing at the eisteddfod in the various categories. But it was in the visual arts where they really shone, netting the school the following results:

  • 14 x A+++
  • 54 x A++
  • 57 x A+
  • 31 x A
  • 5 x A-
  • 1 x B

School nominated for special exhibition

Based on these phenomenal results, Daan Roestoff, the visual arts adjudicator for the George Eisteddfod, nominated Hoekwil Primary School to participate in a special art exhibition at the George Museum.

The exhibition takes place from 13 to 18 November 2017 at the George Museum, and all parents are invited to view the works on display.

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