Thinking of coming to the Hoekwil Primary Summer Camp? Here’s why you should

There are many things that bind the small country school of Hoekwil Primary, from the incredible teachers and their passion for education, to the amazingly talented pupils, to the parents who always pull out all the stops to get involved and help where they can.

But perhaps the most important aspect is the prevailing sense of community that unites all these people.

And nowhere is this more evident than during the Hoekwil Primary School annual Summer Camp at Swartvlei Caravan Park.

Think a whole lot of tents, campfires and kids gone wild (yes, you don’t see your kids the WHOLE weekend except, as one parent pointed out, when you need to feed them!)

Teachers, parents, SGB members and even the school principal all get in on the summer camp action, which includes a stack of nature-based activities that the kids simply love.

Making memories, cementing friendships – that’s what the Summer Camp is all about!

Last year’s highlight was a ‘anything that floats’ race across the vlei. Parents screaming on the side lines of a rugby match has nothing on moms and dads cheering on their kids to swim/push/float various vessels as fast as they can across a marshy vlei. (And no, parents weren’t falling over themselves to see who was going to win, but rather from sheer laughter at the ‘swamp kids’ before them).

This year the kids are looking forward to snorkelling, fishing and cardboard duneboarding. Yep, good old-fashioned family fun!

Nights are spent dancing, watching outdoor movies and chilling around the campfire. This is usually when the parents have their fun; tales abounded last year of the antics of some of the more adventurous moms and dads among us, and what they got up to after nightfall.

Like sneaking into a neighbour’s camp, deftly stealing a bag or two of firewood from right under their noses, and hightailing it back to their own camp in a fit of giggles without getting caught.

That takes some serious skill.

Plus a fire was desperately needed for some marshmallow roasting, so I believe all was forgiven the next day!

If you’re looking to spend two nights in one of the Garden Route’s best seaside camp sites where the kids can be kids and the parents…well, you can be kids too, then don’t miss out on the Hoekwil Primary Summer Camp.


R300 per campsite for 2 nights (without electricity)

R350 per campsite for 2 nights (with electricity)

R20 per person for scheduled activities

To book:


Janis – or 074 257 8306



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