MAR 2015 - MAR 2018

The Governing Body consists of members elected by the parents every three years.

For practical purposes the Board is divided into various 'departments' with one or more members responsible for each department.


The board is divided into the following categories:

1.) Chairperson - Mr Marius Wannenburg (parent)

2.) Principal - Mr Flippie Grobbelaar

3.) Teachers - Ms Alida Lubbe and Ms Marleine Boshoff

4.) Secretary - Ms Antonett Jonker

5.) Fundraising - Ms Janis Tennant (parent)

6.) Maintenance - Mr Rohan Herselman (parent)

7.) Finance - Mr Juan Botes (parent)

8.) Marketing, Communication & Admin - Ingrid Buys (parent)

It is the responsibility of the Board to ensure the smooth running of the school but in order to do this the assistance of the parents is vital.

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