Welcome to Hoekwil Primary School

We strive to do our best!


Hoekwil Primary School is a rural school situated along the Garden Route in the beautiful little village of Hoekwil, North of Wilderness. The school was built from 1917 to 1922, when it was first opened. The school has 135 learners enrolled in grades R to 7 (as at May 2012). Hoekwil Primary is a double medium school where education is provided in both Afrikaans & English within one class-room.


We strive to do our best


At Hoekwil Primary we strive to develop every learner in body and spirit in order for them to become well balanced individuals.


Hoekwil Primary strives to:

– Develop a feeling of mutual caring in our learners.
– Promote integrity in our learners by emphasizing and maintaining Christian norms and values.
– Develop problem solving skills in our learners.
– Foster respect for others.
– Encourage our learners to have pride in themselves and in our school.
– Develop perseverance in our learners.